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Send Free SMS to Mobiles:

A web2sms service is used to send sms text message to mobile over internet. There is a SMS sending gateway in web2sms feature which is used to forward sms message to the destination mobile numbers. The SMS text is captured from form using specific scripts and then that script pass SMS text to the SMS gateway. Here the role of SMS gateway comes and SMS text message is forwarded to the specific destination mobile number using GSM module. A SIM ( Subscriber Identification Module ) is used inside GSM module to avail GSM message services.

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Please Note:  Please dont send abuse SMS to anyone. Otherwise your system IP address will be sent to concerned department.

Please Note:  Kisi ko ghalat ya abusing messages mat send karen. Kisi ki complain aanay ki soorat mein, ghalat message send karnay walay ka internet computer ka IP address concerned department ko send kar diya jae ga.