Nov 25

Ufone Free Call Trick

Ufone introduces free call trick for its customers. Well firstly don’t be silly because its not a free call. It might be free call for you but not for other one. When you call through this trick, a call goes to receiver person which will be a computer recording asking for call back to you. This is all about that how to make free call when you do not have balance in your acount.

Ufone has named this offer as “Ufone Collect Call”

How to make free call?

Simply dial 11 before your desired number. for example if you want to make a free call on 03331234567 then you just have to add 11 before the number and remove zero.

For example: 113331234567


How to subscribe for Collect Call Offer

Ufone customers can dial 901 to subscribe Ufone Collect call by pressing 1. You can also sms SUB to 3213.


Ufone Collect Call Charges

  • Charges for 901 Rs.0.50+Tax per minute
  • No additional charges to add/remove the numbers in Collect Call FnF List
  • Subscription will be charged at Rs. 3.00 + tax / week
  • All SMS sent to 3213 are free of cost


Ufone Terms & Conditions

This Service is available to calls from Ufone to Ufone only. A & B party must both be Ufone subscribers.
Call will be charged to B party as per regular package plan.(If connected)
All Post-Pay & Prepaid users can initiate collect call request.(as A party)
All Post-Pay & Prepaid users can receive collect call request.(as B party)
A subscriber on international roaming will not be able to initiate collect call request.
If B party is on international roaming then collect call request will not be sent to him.
If B party’s outgoing calls are barred (Post-Pay) then A party will be informed accordingly & collect call request will not be initiated.
Postpaid users will not be able to initiate Ufone Collect Call if their outgoing calls are barred.
Prepaid subs will be able to initiate a Collect Call request even if they have zero credit in their account.